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5 Artists You Should Hear -
feat. @laurawelsh @eliza-hull, Suuns, @alif-tree & @kwoon-music

Pure Funk | Raw Soul #pgs music playlist featuring classic 70’s Funk master - Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson. Listen + License ☛

Ear picked funk and soul grooves….Gritty ’70s street funk, all with fat bass lines and loads soul. Curated for you via @PlutonicGroupUK #musicplaylist


With the option for a potential 11th season.

Before you say how terrible the show is and that they don’t deserve the money, think of how huge the ratings are and how much profit it makes for CBS and Warner Bros. That is why they’re getting paid this much. People who make a lot for their bosses deserve to be compensated appropriately, despite your subjective opinion of their work. Quality is moot.

Keith Richards in his room dedicated to music in his home in Connecticut with a picture of Charlie Watts and of his grandson Orson, 2002.

© Photo by Deborah Feingold.

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